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These are briefs descriptions of some of  the programming areas that Women of Today support

Community Connections - SPM: Laura Gaylord

This programming area not available prior to 2008-2009 was developed to assist and encourage MNWT chapters to become significantly involved in their local communities, resulting in "community connections"; increase recognition of a chapter's joint ventures with local community organizations, and highlight the following areas:

Living & Learning - SPM: Shelah Heien

This programming area not available prior to 2008-2009 was developed to encourage a member's personal growth -- mentally, spiritually, civically and through family. Highlights include:

  • Organize fellowship services, invocations and benediction at convention
  • Encourage use of USWT certifications, consider developing one universal certification form
  • Keep competitions (one per year): Speaking, Writing and Impromptu
  • Promote Oustanding Women of the Year Award
  • Promote Personal Enrichment Program courses, possibly Family Week and the SPM's special interest for the year

Women's Wellness - SPM: Nicky Anderson

Women's Wellness is focused on providing and supporting women's health educaton through traditional and holistic medical practices, as well as balanced lifesytles. Highlights include promoting the March of Dimes WalkAmerica and promoting other health areas affecting women today.

Jacob Wetterling Foundation - SPM: OPEN

The Jacob Wetterling Foundation programming encourages MNWT members, chapters, and districts to become educated about the relationship between child safety and victimization. The Jacob Wetterling Foundation works with communities to protect kids and teens from exploitation through a combined program of prevention education, victims' assistance, and community outreach. JWF maintains hope that through quality programming and services provided to communities, adults can help to protect children from victimization by giving children positive identities and values, appropriate boundaries and expectations, and the support they need to flourish. Chapters and districts are encouraged to hold Child ID and Safety events in addition to fundraising activities.

PAJAMA PROJECT State Wide Project

MN Women of Today Creed

We, the Women of Today are service, growth and fellowship. We believe that through us great lessons can be learned, worthy deeds performed and a hand of fellowship extended to millions of women everywhere. May we leave the world a better place because we lived and served within it.

US Women of Today Creed

We, the United States Women of Today, are dedicated to serving our community and nation, are committed to strengthening our individual talents, and stand united by our friendships and belief in the future.